Tuesday, January 31, 2012

NOTES@FACEBOOK By Alokesh Duttaroy

Notes@Facebook is a unique collection of thirty short poems written in Bengali by Alokesh Duttaroy, a scientist by profession and a poet by passion. Over the last few years, time has changed dramatically all over the world. The web has created a global community like facebook where geographical distances between Kolkata and New York have become obsolete. The world has really become flat. But at the same time, people have grown apart physically and emotionally from one generation being alien to the other. Alokesh, who himself is from Kolkata and now lives in USA, feels these changed faces of time. The displaced places and people are the subject of these short poems. Written originally as a ‘Notes’ posting for the readers on facebook, these poems bring out a new entity of language, wordplay and meaning. These global and local diaspora of everyday life, political and economic changes in India and in the US, struggle, love, hatred, friendship, passion, become an integral part of these short pieces. ‘Notes@facebook’ is a genre-bending work for the new generation of readers which and at the same time will touch the heart of every poetry-loving person.
Published by :Bharati Book Agency
ISBN :978-81-922535-7-2
Weight :200 Gms.
Pages :40
Product Type :HARD BOUND

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