Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Spanish Vasar Sahaj Path By Dr. Subir Bandyopadhaya

Language is a vehicle on the basis of which each person in our world communicates his or her ideas to another person. The interesting aspect is that the language or the vehicle of ideas differ from country to country. Even in the same country many languages are spoken. Not only that even a particular language also is spoken with different intonation and words in different places. Generally we know the language like ‘Chinese’ and ‘English’ as the two highest number of people speak. But at the sametime many person are not aware or do not know that ‘Spanish’ is formally third and informally second language in the context number of people speak Spanish. Apart from spain people of Latin American countries (about 22 countries) speak spanish as their official language. Even at present in America many states approximately 20 to 30% people speak spanish. Florida, New Mexico and Texas may be mentioned in this respect. We are much aware that in the perspective of modern international economy, business, trade the demand of spanish language has increased. Particularly in gradual increase of trade with spain & spanish speaking countries the need of learning this language has hightened. On the basis of the reality this venture of writing a book has been taken. This book is completely for the students, persons who are just interested to learn spanish and want to communicate) write and speak in spanish. This book is for the beginners and not for any advanced student. Taking this veiw the aspects which are necessary in our daily life have been included. For example the vocabularies necessary or used in Market, Bank, Hotel, travel and tour etc. But with this essential chapters of grammar (like Parts of speech, Noun, Pronoun, Adjective etc.) have been included. In last chapter of this book an annexture has been added to satisfy interests of the readers. This chapter details some necessary data, information about novelist, poet, and storywriters of spain and spanish-speaking countries. Apart from this some necessary model dialogues have been presented. Author shall be glad and satisfied if the persons interested for spanish language are benifitted from this book.
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